Well hello Aunt Flo!

I was due to see Aunt Flo yesterday and she got my hopes up of my first cycle of trying to conceive (TTC) I struggled but managed to wait to do a test till this morning (obviously a BFN) and half way through my working day BLAM there she was and god was she!!!!

I don’t know if anyone else has had the same problems as me but since I have been off the pill my periods are awful, this one seems to be exceptionally heavy and painful, I have been to the doctors and been told I have signs of POS (poly cystic ovaries) but not the syndrome and the pill helps to control my cycles and the pain so that’s the reason why I have to suffer like this! Oh well it will be worth it when I finally get my bump!

I was never expecting, hoping but not expecting to get pregnant straight away but it’s still a little dis heartening to find out your not, has anyone else got any good news this month?

Hey hoo…. Cycle 2 here we go!!!


3 thoughts on “Well hello Aunt Flo!

  1. Sounds very similar to my situation, my AF came last Sunday and I was so ill, it was like being 15yrs old again! I started following your blog after convincing myself I had early preg symptoms. It is good to know we aren’t alone… Into cycle 2 for me too. Best of luck x

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