False symptoms or to early to tell?

So I’m 12 days past ovulation with a LP of 16 days on average so AF is due on Tuesday, for the last few days I have been having waves of sickness come over me, food is tasting strange and I have been getting cramps.

This morning I had convinced myself that it must be because I am pregnant and rushed out to get a pregnancy test, the “First Response” range say they will tell you 6 days before the day of your missed period but the % of it being positive if you are preggo is less. I was so excited I really thought it was going to come up with those two pink lines so when I got my negative reading I felt soooooo deflated, who knows maybe its to early to tell, maybe I just have some kind of ill/bug or maybe I’m making it all up because I want it to be true.

I have told myself that I am going to wait for AF to be late then test the next day but as I brought 3 sticks to pee on I am sure I will get temped before that!

It’s only my first cycle #1 and everything is all very new and exciting, I cant stop looking at baby clothes, baby everything in fact! it’s on my mind from the minute I wake up to the minute I fall to sleep! I wonder if it gets easier to think about other things, I feel like I will get consumed with baby fever before the year is through.

I would love to here your thought, feelings and stories on TTC, even if to stop me feeling so looney lol!


5 thoughts on “False symptoms or to early to tell?

  1. I am also trying to conceive! I am on month 3 of trying and the first month was definitely fun! It was fun to transition from activity preventing to not preventing. If only it was as easy to get pregnant as every health teacher in school made it seem! I am not in what the TTC world calls the TWW (two week wait). I’m hoping for some halloween good news!! Good luck to you and you are in boat with many other people!

    • Good luck! I know that you know it’s not likely that it will happen in the first month but you can’t help looking in to everything so much! Fingers crossed though you never know! When is AF due? Have you tested yet xxx

  2. Don’t beat yourself up too much on your BFN. Wait it out a few more days and test again. I can’t talk though I’m the worst symptom spotter, ever!

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