My needle phobia and TTC

Today I have mostly been thinking about being pregnant!

what if I am?

Now don’t get me wrong I would be ecstatic if I am, in fact I did a pregnancy test this morning, why I don’t know as it’s far to early but this exciting first 2ww is killing me! But the thoughts of being pregnant are not what’s on the fore front of my mind today, I’m needle phobic, and I mean phobic not scared, I’m petrified.

what will I do when I have to have the blood tests?

I have been researching hypnotherapy, has anybody tried it before? I don’t know how else I am going to get over it, at the moment I use Valium before I have a needle but I’m pretty sure during pregnancy you can’t take it? Or at least there can be consequences for example if you take it in your first trimester you can give you baby a cleft palate and other birth defects, however if you come near me with a needle my blood pressure goes sky high a have a panic attack, I can’t breath and I’m generally a state, I can Imagine this is not great for a baby either!

I have been reading some forums on woman who take Valium whilst pregnant and they were being called monsters and other nasty thing, I couldn’t believe it, these woman were not taking Valium for fun! it’s not a recreational drug they are using it to treat a problem! I could believe how cruel other mothers were being.

I don’t know what I am going to do the day I do get pregnant, I would really like to get through the injections and blood tests with out the help of medication but I can’t say for sure what I will do until I get there.

Your feed back on this would be great, what are your opinions and do you have and advise? Please don’t be cruel this is a sensitive subject for me.


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