Early signs of pregnancy or all in my head?

So now I’m 8DPO and I’m laying in bed feeling a bit sick but to be honest I have been awake for a few hour and if I wasn’t TTC (trying to conceive) I would probably just be thinking

I’m hungry better have some breakfast, it’s making me feel a bit sick

But I’m not, I’m laying here thinking

I wonder if this a sign that I’m pregnant

I found this great website click here to view it it’s a count down to pregnancy and the symptoms you can get
Here’s the chart I found on 8 days past ovulation symptoms


So here is what I think my symptoms may be at this stage…
Slight feeling of nausea
Have been very emotional for the past few days
Strong sense of smell
Slight cramping in my ovaries the last few days
Some creamy CM (cervical mucus) nice I know!,! Lol
And another nice one… Wind, and lots of it (lovely)

A lot of these could be explained by the fact I want out for dinner yesterday to a lovely restaurant, ate to much (hence feeling hungry and sick this morning) and would explain where the wind is coming from!

The CM can be quite normal a week before AF (aunt flow/period) is due to arrive and let’s face it I’m a girl, being emotional is what I am good at!

However the strong sense of smell is strange!

Are you are my stage in your cycle and so you have any symptoms? Leave me a comment it would be great to hear from you.

On that note I’m off to get some breakfast!



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